I want everyone to know how brilliant you are! – by Alex B


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for how much you inspired me and pushed me to do my very best.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without your amazing dedication and the faith that you had in me :))  Thank you again and I will definitely keep in touch!

Fantastic Japanese club – by NicolaC 

I would recommend this club to anyone wanting to learn Japanese. My daughter has just obtained an A* in her Japanese GCSE and is now off to do Japanese studies at university. Ayako has been a wonderful teacher and has a given my daughter much more confidence in herself. The club is also very friendly and welcoming. Thank you Ayako!!

Wonderful teacher! – by ChloeL

I learnt Japanese with Ayako Sensei for just over a year. She is a wonderful teacher and I saw definite improvements in my written and spoken Japanese skills. During my time studying with her I took two trips to Japan and could communicate effectively with people as well as read menus, roads signs etc.
Every lesson was enjoyable and she often uses creative activities to keep her students actively engaged. These can range from fun tests/ competitions on our smart phones to matching activities and board games and even singing Japanese songs! Another highlight for me was the cultural aspect which she often bought to the classes. I have an even bigger appreciation for Japan after learning about their religious practices, the history behind their everyday customs and the stories behind their many festivals and public holidays.
These lessons are great for students of all levels and abilities. I highly recommend Japanese Language Club to anybody wishing to learn Japanese 😀

Fully prepared for life in Japan! – by AlexW

After just over 2 years of studying Japanese with Ayako, I have found myself motivated so much by what I learned to actually move there for a year.  Thanks to Ayako, I have developed the confidence to do something I always wanted to do and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I initially started out in a group lesson but requested 1 to 1 lesson after 7 months or so.  During a year of 1 to 1 lessons, I learned a great deal about the Japanese language in a fun, enjoyable classroom setting.  Ayako cater lessons for trips I took to Japan which helped a great deal.   I can’t recommend her enough!

I only wish she could come to Japan too so I can carry on learning from her!

The best Japanese teacher one could ever ask for. – by HollyP

I started my one-to-one tutoring sessions with Ayako after completing my GCSE a year late in year 12. In order to achieve the full Japanese A-Level qualification I needed to take both AS and A2 in a year. I had already self-studied Japanese for four years at the time but this still proved to be a challenge. Ayako’s tireless hard work and dedication meant that I was able to learn the information needed in a matter of months. In the end, I got an A and am now off to study Japanese at Cambridge University from October.

Ayako is a wonderful teacher who has truly remarkable attention to detail which allows her to adapt the classes depending on the student’s weak points. For me, I started classes barely knowing how to write properly and after a few months I can now write short compositions whilst using Kanji with confidence. Ayako is kind and understanding, and being able to speak and use Japanese in such a friendly environment really helps students do their best. あやこ先生、心からありがとうございました!

Japan Day with Ayako – by LivS

Ayako and her colleague Hatsumi came to our 120 enthusiastic year 5s to leads a whole morning of activities based on Japan. The children learned so much (as did the adults!) and it really enriched their experience of our topic work. Throughout the morning children were introduced to elements of Japanese language, culture, etiquette, calligraphy and traditions in fun and engaging sessions that had us dressing up, bowing, writing kanji and making our very own samurai hat.
We were all so inspired by the effort put into the day and it definitely had the wow factor – especially as the ladies made such an effort themselves to wear the traditional dress and Ayako had given us the heads up to order in the activity chest from The Japan Society free of charge.
Overall a superb day and we couldn’t have been happier – thanks again to Ayako and Hatsumi – Hopefully the will be back next year!

私は日本語が大好きです!– by LydiaK

 I started seeing Ayako one-to-one for an hour a week about 18 months ago, as I have always wanted to learn Japanese and wanted to have some knowledge before I go to university to study the language. Sensei has gone above and beyond to make lessons fun and interesting, and to cover what I would like to know. She always finds new ways of teaching and explaining things and covers topics fully so that I have total understanding. Lessons are fun and I have covered so much, more than I even thought possible! Having had no knowledge prior to lessons, and now being halfway through GCSE curriculum, Ayako is clearly a brilliant teacher. I will miss my lessons, and would recommend to anyone interested in learning about Japanese language and culture!

Japanese Lessons – by CameronL-2


Ayako’s lessons are fun, informative and interesting. Whether you are learning Japanese language or culture you can be sure that you will walk away with more knowledge and new friends. In 4 years of learning from her I have never had a bad or boring lesson. 5 stars is not enough !

Japanese Language Club – by Nicola Geden

My daughter Bethany has been having Japanese lessons for about 3 years now and has just taken her GCSE in Japanese. She got an A*. We are over the moon!
Ayako is a fantastic teacher , very patient, has friendly lessons.
My daughter has loved every minute of her Japanese lessons especially when Ayako has cooked them a chicken curry!
My daughter will be continuing her studies with Ayako from Sept. 2015 to do her A level in Japanese.
Ayako is a wonderful person, who loves her classes and has high expectations of her students.

日本語 が 大好きです! (I love Japanese!) – by megansalmon

I have enjoyed Ayako’s lessons immensely, she is a wonderful teacher and makes her classes incredibly enjoyable. Each lesson is varied, mixing up tasks and subjects to make each a diverse and memorable class. From role playing to painting kanji to sharing mochi (おいしいです!) you get to participate in so many fun activities! Ayako is an incredibly attentive tutor who really listens and responds to her students. For anyone looking to study Japanese I can’t recommend these lessons enough!

Japanese Language Club – by thejam94

A learning experience in which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in Japan, its culture and its language. Groups are filled with friendly people willing to learn and Ayako is a teacher who delivers quality lessons with personal experiences and many fun educational activities. Had a grand old time and learnt a lot. Thank You..

Brilliant Club & Teacher – by Alison_Bacon89

My daughter Alex started classes with Ayako 18 months ago after teaching herself for a while, she made progress incredibly quickly in her friendly Saturday morning group and decided to take the full GCSE. This meant an extra lesson each week in order to cover all the topics in time. It looked impossible but Ayako is amazing, she is so hardworking, organised and brilliant at teaching – we cannot thank her enough. My daughter achieved an A* this summer, through a collaboration of hard work and the right teaching and encouragement. Fantastic xx

Japanese day at Insure and Go – by HLSlade

We held a Japanese day at our place of work in Southend-on-sea, and Ayako helped us out with language and origami classes. Ayako was brilliant, she explained Japanese culture, and really took her time when teaching our employees, who all had very little (if any) experience of the Japanese culture. All of our employees absolutely loved it, some have even said that want to carry on learning the Japanese language! I would highly recommend Ayako as a language teacher, she managed to keep large groups of adults interested and enthusiastic, which is more difficult than you would think! I would yet again like to thank Ayako for helping me out, she made my job a lot easier, and bought smiles to a lot of faces!

Excellent teachermqhasan

Ayako-san has been a tremendous help in preparing my two daughters for their Japanese GCSE (both A*) – she gave them excellent advice and some very useful lessons to improve their writing. Thank you very much!

Learnt so much in so little time! – Peterpainter

I decided to learn Japanese both as a hobby and for work interest and I did so myself for a month learning some basics. After that I started looking for a Japanese language teacher but I had a problem because I was 2 months away from going to university! However that was no problem for Ayako Sensei because she helped me modify the lessons so that I can achieve what I want. I wanted some intense learning so I can benefit as much as possible from these two months and so I took 2 private lessons a week for a very reasonable price of £26/h. I thought the requests I made where a bit high and unrealistic however to my surprise I have learned even more than that! The lessons were very professional and a lot of fun. I received a lot useful hand outs and homework tasks. Ayako Sensei is a very friendly teacher who will always slow down and help if necessary and really wants her students to do well (the explanations were great!). If you are considering learning Japanese I strongly recommend having Ayako Sensei as your tutor, promise you won’t regret it!

Brilliant –  R4yw3bb  

My son loves his lessons. Aya not only covers the language, but also includes the culture, food and geography of Japan, making it not only informative but also fun.I am really pleased with the progess he is making.

We are delighted! – Alison 

We were delighted to find someone to help our daughter with her GCSE Japanese, she has only recently joined Ayako’s class but already has made big improvements, Ayako is warm, friendly and very organised and the group highly motivated. I’ll post again in a few months with an update.

Japanese is great! ^^ – Dannie 

I’m a GCSE student and have been learning Japanese with Ayako for a year. She is a great teacher and I have learnt a lot from her. The lessons are straight forward and easy to understand as well as fun. Apart from the language I have also learnt about the Japanese culture – both the traditional and the modern. It’s truly fascinating. I have recently done a short course GCSE in Japanese and achieved A* grade in it, many thanks to Ayako. I highly recommend this amazing teacher I personally will definitely continue learning Japanese with her.

Nihongo no jyugyou ga dai suki desu!!! – Steven

I’d been trying to teach myself Japanese for a while before I joined Ayako’s class three years ago and I thought I knew it all. Amazing how quickly I realised I knew nothing! As a beginner, or even as somebody who, like me, has taught themselves a bit of the Japanese language, you won’t believe how much more you can learn in a short space of time from Ayako. And there is no substitute for learning from a true Japanese.The lessons are great fun, and well structured, and she always finds the time to try and help individuals in group sessions to keep up if they’re struggling with something. I was very dissappointed that I had to stop attending in Jan 2012 because I was out of work abd just couldn’t afford to go anymore, but rest assured I will go back to lessons as soon as possible.I was a bit older than the GCSE students that I was in a group class of 6 with, but it doesn’t stop you learning and they were all good people, and Ayako is so easy to get on with and so much fun to learn from (look out for the various picture cards!), that I felt she was more a friend than a teacher by the end of two years.If you want to learn real Japanese culture, language, and written characters, then look no further in my opinion. Brilliant experience all round, and is also very reasonably priced. If you shop around for other japanese classes, you won’t find one that’s nearly as good for value across the year. That’s a promise.I strongly recommend this teacher if you are considering learning Japanese. Stop considering and DO IT!Arigatou Ayako-san! x

Nihon ga daisuki desu! – Esme Elman 

Nihongo ga daisuki desu! I have been learning Japanese with Ayako for 3 years, and to have come such a long way in this short time is amazing. Currently, I’m studying with a group of 4 other people – there is always a fun, lively atmosphere with plenty of laughing but also a lot of learning. Each lesson combines speaking and writing skills – all aspects of the language gets focused on very well. Sensei is very dedicated and prepares lessons very well with clear aims and objectives, so you know that you’re progressing. If you’re interested in learning Japanese, I would very highly recommend Ayako’s classes.

Fantastic Teacher! – Tony 

I have been a Student for about 10 months, I have learnt loads more than id thought i could, hats off to her! Ayako is Patient and asks you what ‘you’ want/need to learn, all lessons are calm and fun but still as professional as they should be. I am much more confident with my speaking, Ayako has helped me so much i recommend if you want to learn Japanese and about Japan this is place to go 😀

Amazing teacher + fantastic lesson

TiagebabyI’m a GCSE Japanese student and I’ve been learning Japanese with Ayako for 2 years now. I’ve learnt so much from her and my Japanese language skill has improved so quickly over the past two years. She is a kind, responsible and caring teacher, her lesson is never boring and the atmosphere is always brilliant.If you are looking for a class to improve your knowledege on both the Japanese Language and the Japanese culture, this is definitely the place you should go.Hope this is helpful. 🙂

Fun learning! – Matt Hughes

Matt HughesI was a student for several months but unfortunately had to leave for uni but in that time i learnt so much that i hadn’t learnt with previous tutors. The lessons are never boring and Ayako always keeps the lesson lively and fun yet very educational at the same time.If anyone is wishing to learn Japanese this is definitely the place to go!